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Below is the most comprehensive Hawaii Nursing License information, new, renewal, transfer, type of nursing license, phone number (808) 586-2695, address: P.O. Box 3469, Honolulu, Hawaii 96801.

What is a temporary license time-frame at Hawaii Board of Nursing?

A temporary license time-frame at Hawaii Board of Nursing is Unavailable.

What is a permanent license time-frame at Hawaii Board of Nursing?

A permanent license time-frame at Hawaii Board of Nursing is 15-20 business days.

What is the renewal date for nursing licenses in Hawaii?

The renewal date for nursing licenses in the state of Hawaii is every 2 years on June 30th of odd years.

What is the renewal requirements for nursing licenses in Hawaii?

Here are the renewal requirements for nursing licenses in the state of Hawaii:

One of the following:
* National certification or recertification related to the nurse’s practice role
* 30 contact hours of continuing education activities
* Completion of a board-approved refresher course
* Completion of a minimum of two-semester credits of post-licensure academic education related to nursing practice from an accredited nursing program
* Participation as a preceptor, for at least one nursing student or employee transitioning into new clinical practice areas for at least one hundred twenty hours, in a one-to-one relationship as part of an organized preceptorship program
* Completion as principal or co-principal investigator of a nursing research project that is an institutional review board project or evidence-based practice project that has been preapproved by the board
* Authoring or co-authoring a peer-reviewed published nursing or health-related article, book, or book chapter
* Developing and conducting a nursing education presentation or presentations totaling a minimum of five contact hours of actual organized instruction that qualifies as continuing education
* Completion of a board-recognized nurse residency program
* A similar type of learning activity option; provided that the type of activity shall be recognized by the board

Is livescan fingerprinting required for a nursing license in Hawaii?

No, there is no fingerprinting requirement at Hawaii (fingerprints fee: $0.00).

Types of Nurse Licenses

Watch this video to discover the different ways to categorize nurses and the different licenses you can acquire. This video covers the overview of nursing based on their credentials and scope of practice while explaining the salary and a job overview for each type.

Compact (eNLC): No

Application Fee (Permanent License): $146.00-$202.00

Temporary License Fee: $0.00

Transaction Fee: There is no fingerprints fees

Application Requirements: No requirements published by the board of nursing.

Nursys: Yes

Is Hawaii Board of Nursing has a walk-through option available?

No, walk-through option is not available at Hawaii Board of Nursing.

Hawaii Board of Nursing Phone Number for Nursing Licenses

What is Hawaii Board of Nursing phone number for nursing licenses?

Hawaii Board of Nursing phone number where you can talk to a live person at Hawaii Board of Nursing with regards to nursing licenses is (808) 586-2695

Hawaii Board of Nursing Website for Nursing Licenses


Hawaii Nursing License Address

What is Hawaii Nursing License Address?

Hawaii Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 3469
Hawaii 96801

Hawaii Nursing License Fax Number: (808) 586-3000

In addition to nursing licenses, what other services are provided by Hawaii Nursing License?

Hawaii Board of Nursing is providing many services and information including nursing regulation & practice act, nursing license (new, renewal & transfer), nursing education programs, complaints, nursing program approval, enforcement, APRN nursing practice information, nursing practice act, nursing peer review, center for nursing workforce studies, nurse, endorsement application, advanced practice registered nurse, and more.

Hawaii Board of Nursing License Verification

Hawaii Board of Nursing License Verification can be made online on the Hawaii Nursing License website here:


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